YEG Foodies Fall in Love with Prairie Melt: Part Two

Time for round two of our YEG Foodie reviews. In case you missed part one you can check it out on our blog: YEG Foodies Fall in Love with Prairie Melt: Part One.  Local bloggers with a love for all things delicious were recently gifted Prairie Melt along with a few other Good Stock Foods Favourites to try and here are some of their reviews!

The Prairie Melt grilled cheese paired with our top selling tomato bisque was a hit for Leduc and Jenn of Let’s Eat YEG. “Of course I had to make grilled cheese paired with some of their creamy tomato bisque. It did get melty and gooey when warmed up! It has a very mild ‘cheese’-like taste and it’s pretty good vegan or otherwise.”

“Definitely a good option for cheese lovers who have gone vegan.”

Photos by: Leduc and Jenn @letseatyeg

Mackenzie of River City Sisters tried eating dairy-free for eight months and found that cheese was the toughest thing to find a good substitute for.

“Not only is Prairie Melt dairy-free, It’s also soy-free and nut free too. When you go dairy-free for a cows milk allergy you typically have to go soy-free too because they are related. It’s really hard to find dairy-free substitutes that aren’t nut or soy based so this is really exciting.”

Photos by: Mackenzie @rivercitysisters

Life Coach Jamie Bay (@thewellnesswarrior_) was super excited to receive our delivery. “My husband and I have been wanting to eat more plant-based recipes and the quesadillas with the dairy-free cheese were absolutely delicious.”

Photo by: Jamie Bay @thewellnesswarrior_

And of course, last but certainly not least, our friend and fellow foodie, Blogger and Social Media Strategist Linda Hoang shares thanks on her Instagram account after trying the Prairie Melt Grilled Cheese with our Take-and-Bake signature Tomato Bisque.

“Thank you to @goodstockfoodsltd for sending me their vegan grilled cheese and tomato bisque to try. As a non-vegan but always up for trying new and healthier options, this was a great lunch.”

Photo by: Linda Hoang @lindork

Thank you once again to all of the #YEG Bloggers and Foodies who graciously tasted, grilled and melted their way through our Prairie Melt product testing packs. Prairie Melt along with our full Take-and-Bake menu is available at our Petrolia Mall Location Wednesday to Saturday 12 - 6 p.m.