The Art of Soup


The crisp fall air, morning frost and even a few snowflakes have made their appearance these past couple of weeks and what better way to warm up our bellies and our souls than with our selection of plant-based soups. From curried pumpkin to creamy butternut squash, we’ve pulled out all the stops when it comes to soup this season because they continue to be a go-to comfort food for the Good Stock community.

Plant Diversity is Key

There’s truly something soothing about the warmth from the radiant heat, and the hypnotic wisps of steam floating from a soup’s surface, but beyond that they’re also an incredible vessel for nutrition. “Our minestrone wins for most ingredients in a single soup at almost 20. Plant diversity is key for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome and good health,” says Owner and Executive Chef at Good Stock Foods, Michelle Robinson.

“I was inspired to put Minestrone on the menu after learning that it is a diet staple in the Blue Zone of Sardinia, where there is a high percentage of healthy centurions. I love to use as many veggies, herbs and spices as possible in a dish for more depth of flavour and a good variety of texture. This also prevents me from having to rely heavily on salt and fat content for an excellent tasting soup,” says Robinson.

Good Stock Soup Fans

Each of our soups are $14 for a 1L container that contains four side-size servings. You can also purchase 3 for $35 and many from the Good Stock community have their own go-to trio, “Corn chowder, the chipotle black bean and the mushroom soup is definitely my favourite triple threat combo,” says Good Stock customer Harley.

“Corn chowder and chickpea barley are my favourites, they are so filling and perfect for autumn nights,” says Good Stock community member, Daniel.

Top It Off

Soups are also great because they freeze easily and are excellent to have on hand if you need to whip up a quick meal in the middle or end of your busy day. Chef Michelle has compiled some of her go-to ways to elevate your next bowl with creative toppings and addons:

  • Using Tzatziki is a nice twist on traditional sour cream garnish, especially for soups like Borscht. *Good Stock Tzatziki is packed with garlic & dill taking a soup to the next level
  • Garnishing creamy soups with toasted nuts or seeds is always a great idea.
  • For a garnish with a fancier twist, lightly fry herbs like sage in a bit of oil and use as a topping on something like our butternut squash soup.
  • Fresh herbs, pesto, hummus and salsas all make excellent garnishes as well.

Top Sellers

At Good Stock, we always bring in new and delicious seasonal creations like our current selection of Curried Pumpkin, Creamy Butternut Squash and Borscht; but most popular soups are Tomato Bisque, Chickpea Barley and Cream of Mushroom.

“Many of our soups have rotated off and on the menu but these three soups have been staples since we opened Good Stock Foods,” says Chef Michelle.

Agreeing with this sentiment are our friends at the Green Thumb Bakery in a comment on Instagram. “Tomato Bisque is a favourite for sure, because it has so much flavour!”

Whether you’re looking to add a punch of nutritional diversity to your weekly meal repertoire or you just love savouring a really good locally made creation, you can visit us in store or check out our soups through the online ordering section of the website.

Happy soup season everyone!