How to Make your Vegan Charcuterie Dreams Come Alive

The colours, the textures, the flavours! Nothing says love like a vegan charcuterie board!

You don’t have to have mad food-styling skills to make a beautiful, delicious, hearty and fully satisfying vegan charcuterie board.

Whether you’re gathered around as a family, or just with your partner and a glass of wine, maybe even online zooming with your Valentine’s - a vegan charcuterie board just brings everyone together and is so pleasing to the eyes!


The base to any good charcuterie board is the cheese! Most cheese boards start with about 3 ounces of cheese. For this board we’ve used our delicious cashew cream cheezes. We’ve made sure to provide a variety of different flavours so you can spread endless flavour combinations. Here we have laid out across this beautiful wood board our Dill & Onion Cream Cheeze, the Italian Herb & Garlic Cream Cheeze, our Truffle Cream Cheeze and for those who like a little heat, our Spicy Chili Garlic Cream Cheeze.

We also fully recommend adding in a mini fondue. If nuts are an allergen for you, melting down our ooey gooey Prairie Melt cheese and dipping cubes of beautiful Loaf Me bread into it is so comforting! You can even add in a few spices to your Prairie Melt to change up the flavour. Add a couple drops of tabasco for a heat filled cheese bite, maybe a taco seasoning or even cumin for a little more of a Mexican cheese or throw in green chilies and a little tomato for a Queso Cheese flavoured fondue!


Fruit and nuts on a charcuterie board just elevates the board with colour galore! Some of our favourite additions to a charcuterie board include grapes, limes, kiwi, strawberries, cranberries, oranges, walnuts, chestnuts, dates, apple, olives, roasted peppers, and artichokes, you’ll see a beautiful half of pomegranate here that anchors this board and makes the colours pop!

And probably one of our favourites? Figs! These beautiful figs we were just drooling over. We picked these up from Mercato Italian Bakery! They are a definite must add.


Every assorted cracker, bread cubes and vegetable on your vegan charcuterie board is really just a vessel for dips and spreads! We make a killer Cashew Tzatziki filled with dill flavours and it is so so creamy without the cream! Our Spinach Dip is to die for! Garlic Hummus makes an amazing dip for veggies. Sprinkle on some sesame seed for a little crunch and an explosion of flavour.

Jellies and jams add that sweetness to every bite. We love a Jalapeno, Red Pepper or Fig Jam for our charcuterie boards – you can also spread on our maple cranberry sauce, sweetened with real Canadian Maple Syrup that will make your taste buds sing!


And if you really want to take your charcuterie board all the way, add in some heartier additions like stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, Maple Glazed Meeat Balls, or Falafel. They’re all just in our freezer section waiting to pony up beside any of the delicious fix-ins above.


To assemble your board, plan ahead, wash and prep all your fruits and veggies. Choose a board – maybe white marble or a dark wood platter. Lay out your cheeses first and then just start to fill in the gaps.

Using your breads and crackers for layering, try to work in a variety of colours.

We also love sprigs of green. It just adds that freshness to your board. Try rosemary, dill, basil, cilantro and chives! Even kale and romaine can make great beds for your veggies and fruits!

Get creative! Meatless charcuterie boards are absolutely possible and totally fresh and delicious. Most of all, just have fun in the kitchen – see what you can come up with. We’d love to help!

Check out our full menu of ready to go cheeze, appetizers, crackers, dips and spreads and let us be part of your vegan charcuterie experience!