Good Stock Foods:  Our Story

Brian Robinson
01.06.20 01:13 PM Comment(s)

Nestled in Edmonton’s southwest community of Greenfield you’ll find Good Stock Foods, a plant based restaurant where creativity, family and food come together to provide the perfect mix of clean eating and convenience. Founded by Chef Michelle Robinson in 2017, Good Stock was born out of her own desire to eat better and feel better. 

“I wasn’t feeling the greatest physically, my energy was low and I knew I had to make a change,” says Michelle. 

After spending several years managing kitchens in Edmonton, Michelle was inspired by the documentary Forks Over Knives and began experimenting in the kitchen with plant based ingredients. 

“I’ve learned so much from Michelle, she seasons and uses spices like no one else,” says mother and Good Stock Co-Founder Debbie Robinson. 

“When folks ask about the food I often say that Michelle is a flavour profile expert,” says her father and Good Stock Co-founder Brian Robinson. “She says that when she’s developing a recipe she can taste it in her mind,” he says with a laugh and a nod of recognition.

The family run business takes its lead from Michelle’s creativity in the kitchen, with Brian, Debbie and Michelle’s brother Alex all pitching in to manage operations, front of house, food prep and anything else that needs to be done. With diverse backgrounds in culinary arts, marketing, business and economics, Good Stock is a recipe for success that fills a vegan niche in Edmonton’s dining and take home options. 

“I wish everyone could better understand how lifestyle and what you eat really has a major impact on your health especially when it comes to chronic disease,” says Brian. 

After suffering from symptoms of Crohn's Disease he found great improvement, just by switching to plant based eating. “I was your typical North American, eating a meat based diet, totally oblivious to how it was impacting my health, and now I feel like it’s so important to get the message out that people should keep an open mind when it comes to this type of food.” 

With everything from house-made pasta sauces to soups, curry and burritos on the take-and-bake menu, it’s easy to see why these plant based dishes have surged in popularity. “I would say as much as 80 percent of our clients aren’t fully vegan but they recognize that it tastes good and it’s good for you so I think that’s why it has really taken off,” says Brian. 

“One of my favourite dishes has to be the Red Thai and the Green Thai Coconut curry,” says brother and co-founder Alex Robinson. “I’m a big fan of heat so that’s definitely one of my go-to’s.” 

With a mission to improve the quality of life of her community Michelle continues to develop new vegan dishes, clean eating take-home meals and delicious flavours that please the palate. 

“By making healthy food delicious and convenient, people can spend less time in the kitchen, less time sick and more time cultivating community and purpose,” says Chef Michelle.